Taking onto account such aspirations and with a close eye on market trends, the new Le Praline Gourmet range was born.

Four recipes, each surrounded by a dark chocolate shell with a rounded taste assured by the selection of special cocoa beans mainly from South America (Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru) and also from Africa (Togo, Sao Tomè and Uganda). These are all countries where Vanini has established direct relationships with farmers and cooperatives, ensuring high quality products to consumers and carrying on its commitments to sustainability and social responsibility.

The creamy filling has been produced by combining our delicious milk chocolate with the sympathetic flavour of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Calabria, South Italy.


Eco friendly
The total control of the production chain
The total control
of the production chain
No palm oil
palm oil

A key strength of Vanini is the research into excellent ingredients for use in all the recipes. The current range has been made with high quality vegetable fats and carefully selected inclusions.

The filling of the Praline Gourmet has been made with no vegetable fats apart from Cocoa Butter and Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Consistent with its premium brand positioning, Vanini now offers a sophisticated and attractive assortment to its target audience, recipes that will surprise even the most demanding consumer.

extra virgin olive oil “La Molazza”, organic and 100% made in Italy

Why did we opt for this producer?
“La Molazza” shares with Vanini some key values:

  • attention and care during the entire production chain , from cultivation of the olives to the production of the extra virgin olive oil
  • researching the highest quality standards, plus total control of the chemical, physical and organoleptic characteristics of the oil
  • 100% Italian company with deep roots and much experience
raccolta olive
raccolta olive
stoccaggio olio

Molazza is the historical brand of Minisci Group, whose origins date back to 1946 when it started pressing the olives of local farmers. Today the company produces DOP extra virgin organic olive oil. The oil used by Vanini is carefully selected to give an excellent taste and a simple message.

The production of " La Molazza" extra virgin olive oil starts with meticulous olive cultivation throughout the year, continues with a careful harvest and culminates in well-controlled milling that takes account of the different time, technique and temperature required to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The total control of the chemical, physical and organoleptic characteristics of the oil ensures the highest quality standards in this extraordinary product, a fine example of Made in Italy excellence.


The new Vanini pralines respect both the environment and the health of the consumer. The high quality of the ingredients, the total control of the production chain and the choice of eco-friendly packaging, are further benefits of the Vanini Signature Gourmet Pralines range.