Chocolate has been our passion for over 75 years.

We have always taken great care of our cocoa supply chain, the people who contribute to its development, the planet we inhabit and the technological innovation used throughout the production process.

Supply Chain, People, Environment, Innovation are the foundations on which our mission is built.

Cocoa, a precious gift of nature, has been the centre of our lives for three generations. Throughout the wonderful and complex process of the transformation of cocoa into high-quality chocolate, we respect the raw material and bring the very best out of its essence and its flavour profiles in order to offer our customers a product that is exemplary in every way.

We work with integrity and with respect for current legislation, both in Italy and in the cocoa-growing regions, with the specific aim of continually fostering an exchange of skills and a mutual enrichment with our associates, establishing relationships of trust that create value based on a code of ethics that we share with our partners and which we are resolutely committed to upholding.

Our chocolate is made with humanity, protecting natural resources, for the benefit of society and of the generations to come. We look after every single plant and the wellbeing of the land on which it grows, always ensuring its biodiversity is preserved.

We dedicate technology and research to the quality of our chocolate. Each new system that we introduce at Orsenigo is tangible proof of an ongoing process of innovation that is reflected daily in what we offer our customers.

We are committed to producing chocolate through cultivating our ethical, environmental and economic responsibilities, offering the results to the communities in which we operate.

Chocolate by nature

Our nature, naturally